Introducing Idaheau, a fragrance for gamers. The exclusive fragrance of upcoming PC game, Potato Planet!

Idaheau is an enticing scent that opens with the delicate earthiness of fresh mechanically harvested Idaho russet potatoes. Followed by an exciting deluge of artisan butter flavored oil all wrapped up in the warmth of microwaved perfection.

This unforgettable fragrance will compliment your identity and signal to others that you are a smart, modern gamer who smells like potatoes.

Idaheau is an actual thing and available for purchase. Proceeds help fund development of Potato Planet!
(Only ships within the USA)

Idaheau – Fragrance For Gamers 2x 10ml Bottles - $19.99

Packaging: Glass roll-on bottle. Contents: 10ml essential oil. Use: For external use only.

Potato man: Scott Owens
Video: Josh Baker at Antifilm
Voice: Katabelle
Music: Tyler Gonelli